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Peregrines & Penguins

Today is National Dawn Chorus Day.

  • Posted On: 7 May 2017
  • Author: Dalegarth
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Peregrines & Penguins

Not being dedicated ‘twitchers’, many of our bird identifications would be described as “lbj’s” (little brown jobs) – but lack of identity does not prevent us from enjoying them. To help us, the 69p purchase of an App of British Birds, including all their songs, was one of our best buys!  Another aid is that jewel of the BBC, ‘Tweet of the Day’.

One of the joys of life – and totally free – is the Dawn Chorus, currently in full voice.  If we had the ‘tecky’ skill we would share with you all the wonderful bird songs currently being enjoyed through our bedroom window each morning.   The swallows have returned and once again are showing interest in the light fitting outside ‘Swallow Ghyll’  - very discerning!   On the 2nd May the first cuckoo was heard; another sure sign that Nature’s pattern is alive and well in the Dales.

The N.T. is organising an early morning walk on 14th May entitled a ‘Birdsong Walk in Upper Wharfedale’ across the valley to Redmire Wood, directly opposite ‘Dalegarth’. 
What a gift these little creatures are – true jewels of Dales life.

- And the peregrines and penguins?  Well, being charitable, some visitors to nearby Malham (possibly hard of hearing??) were heard to complain of failing to spot the promised penguins.  Of course, they should have been on the lookout for the peregrines - which have returned once again and are nesting high on the Cove.  (For visitors wishing to take a closer look, the N.T. has set up a ‘Peregrine Watch’ with telescopes and volunteers to help.)

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