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Kettlewell Festival -

- celebrates a 'Scare of Crows'

  • Posted On: 23 August 2017
  • Author: Dalegarth
  • Number of views: 203
Kettlewell Festival -

What do 'a muster', 'a hover', 'a horde', 'a parcel' and 'a murder' have in common?  Crows!

We're proud to say that yet again 'Dalegarth' added to the scarecrows at Kettlewell for their recent annual Scarecrow Festival - in the shape of a Roman Emperor.  At least, he started out that way, but the organisers decided they had a surfeit of Romans and a shortage of Greeks, so he changed nationality to 'help out'!

The display this year surpassed its own previous high standards; Captain Pugwash and crew, aboard their life-sized ship, rode the moving shark-infested waves while smoking canon fired yet another broadside; a courageous jockey failed, sadly, to negotiate a high hedge - with disastrous consequences.  Poor Donald was singled out several times, the best being a placement in the village stocks, with the whole sorry saga being reported in the Fake Daily News.

Undoubtedly, the best entry was to be found in and around Kettlewell Church, where visitors were greeted by choristers along with a moving scene of a weeping widow, supported by a vicar, at a graveside.  Inside, a family baptism was in progess at the font; a shepherd was found tending his flock and a wedding was taking place in the Chancel.  Small wonder they (collectively) took the First Prize this year.

The Festival lasts for 8 days and attracts people from near and far.  Over the years it has brought the village and the Upper Dale together in a unique community effort.

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