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Hear the Dawn Chorus / haunting call of the oyster catcher

Smell fresh mown hay / the earth after rain

Taste fresh picked bilberries / newly baked curd tart

Sample Wallace and Gromit’s favourite cheese and local brews

See a new born lamb

Watch out for the Milky Way – shooting stars, or even the Aurora Borealis

Feel the wind in your hair / fresh clean air in your lungs


Where children can still be children

Paddle in a stream

Hunt for fossils

Climb over rocks

Skim a stone

Hold a creepy crawly

Take a picnic

Go tracking

Go fishing

Explore a canyon

Look for treasure

Watch a sheepdog at work

and for children of all ages, discover England's oldest sweet shop!

Make New Friends

Chat with the locals

Be elected to the Parliament

Join the locals to put the world to rights on the Parliament bench in Grassington

or just smile and pass the time of day

The Wonder of Nature

Bluebells in May

Purple heather in August

Glimpse a kingfisher

Spot an otter

See nesting peregrines

Find a rare orchid

See a red squirrel